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First, a little disclaimer: Not all roofing contractors hate us. Not all roofers are concerned more about their bottom line, but a lot are!

Roofers "came up" believing replacement is the only way - because until RoofCoat it has been.
Most roofers just don't know RoofCoat. They have never worked with RoofCoat. They may have heard of some inferior products that only color your roof but not restore it, but that's not RoofCoat!
Roofers don't want you to know you have an option that will save you money.
Roofers are in business to make money, and they'd like yours. Up to $12,000 on average. The average small roofing contractor sells $2 Million worth of replacement roofing a year. You can save $9,000 even if you pay someone to apply RoofCoat for you. You can save even more if you do it yourself. So who really wins when you replace your roof?
Roofing Manufacturers want everyone to replace their roof as often as possible.
Why wouldn't they? Over 12.5 billion square feet of asphalt shingle materials are produced every year. That's enough to cover 5 million homes each year. THere's serious money in roof replacement!
The Roofing Industry doesn't want people to maintain their roof because there's no money in it for them.
Look at it this way, if your car wasn't running well, would you replace the motor of just give it a tune up? Here is a good one, if your house is looking shabby and the paint is starting to peel, do you tear off the siding? No, you patch and paint it.
Just like the sides of your house, if you restore your roof with RoofCoat before it is completely destroyed by the sun, you may never have to replace your roof! It's like giving your car an oil change. If you maintain your roof, it will serve you a long, long time. That's smart.