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Change the COLOR of your roof with 17 color options!
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Could not be more satisfied with the experience and the result.
My roof was very worn and unattractive, 24 years old, and other work also needed to be done on my house as soon as possible. The RoofCoat was applied for me (but can also be applied by oneself). RoofCoat completely restored my roof to a pleasing look with a new color that I chose, and gave me the waterproof security that was essential. I saved over $10K and I could thus repaint my house exterior and make many other overdue repairs (and Is till have most of the funds that I had set aside for the roof alone). I could not be more satisfied with the experience and with the result.

Stephen C.

Love the $12K we saved!

We love the new look of our house and we love the $12K we saved even more! Thank you so much for finally giving us another option for dealing with our leaky roof.

Steve T.

Finally leak-free!

It worked! I’d been trying to fix a leak for two years and no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t find it. You were my last ditch effort before reroofing, and we’re finally leak-free! The roof looks amazing. Thank  you!!

Bryan R.

Sold my house for more $ and buyers loved it!
I was selling my house and the roof was a major problem. It looked old and the color was really ugly. My agent said I had to replace the roof if I wanted to get top dollar for my house, but that I wouldn’t get all my money back in the sales price. It was a lose-lose situation. But then I found RoofCoat. I applied it myself and changed the color of the roof. It looked amazing. I was so surprised how much it increased the curb appeal. It was great to be able to tell the buyers that the roof had a 10 year warranty. They were happy and I ended up with a lot more money from the sale of the house than I would have! I tell everyone about RoofCoat now!

Torrance, CA


Didn’t have $ for a new roof. RoofCoat got it done!

Thanks to RoofCoat my roof is looking new and there are no more leaks. I just didn’t have the money to spend on a new roof. I did my research and RoofCoat was the only answer that made sense. It’s hard to spend money on something like a roof, but I’m so happy with the result. My house looks great, my roof is water tight and I didn’t have to go into debt to get it done. I can highly recommend RoofCoat to anyone.

Beth J.

Easy to apply

We followed the instructional videos and it was easy to apply. Looks great. So far so good.

Tim M.